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Business Leader Mastermind Series

This is a facilitated peer advisory group consisting of up to 12 executives that meet every other Thursday from 7:30am – 9am at the Innovation Center..

Mastermind is a cost-effective way of:

  • Engaging with a tight circle of trusted advisors

  • Putting your innovative ideas into practice

  • Thinking bigger, better and bolder

Let us help you find your Path to Profit.


At the Innovation Center, our Mastermind program consists of an educational component followed by a traditional facilitated mastermind program. This program has been designed to allow the participants to learn, share and hold each other accountable. The time, schedule and costs have been set to be respectful of the constraints of today’s entrepreneur.


How does Mastermind Work?

  • Limited to 12 members and is open to all business leaders in any market segment

  • Professionally facilitated by Innovation Center Director, an experienced facilitator, proven business leader and author

  • All information shared is confidential

  • Learn from peers

  • Be prepared to brainstorm new ideas

  • Hold each other accountable


Eligibility & Cost

Mastermind Groups requires you to be a valuable contributor - to do that you have to be present and participate.

To join our Mastermind Group you must:

  • Meet the eligibility requirements as no direct competitors are allowed in the same group

  • Commit to participating for 3 months

  • Pay $100 each month

  • Discuss relevant issues facing all aspects of the business

  • Accept and provide candid feedback to/from participants

Peer groups have been around for a very long time.  Famous peer groups include The Knights of the Round table (5th and 6th century), Franklin Roosevelt’s “Brain Trusts”, Andrew Carnegie’s -"The Steel Mill Group", and  Theodore Roosevelt’s -"The Tennis Cabinet". The term Mastermind was first introduced by Napoleon Hill in his 1925 book The Laws of Success and again in his 1937 book Think and Grow Rich. Hill was employed by Andrew Carnegie to document his success.

Whatever the problem is that you face today, someone in the group has likely experienced the same problem and has a ready solution for you. In theory, if you have 12 people in the group you can get 12 times the experience and solve problems in 1/12th of the time making participation in a Mastermind group one of the best business accelerators.